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This is a great beach for lounging, lingering and watching the incredible waves.  The winds tend to be strong so this is also a great beach for flying your kite.

The interesting thing about this beach is it stretches a long way to the south.  It is easy to imagine what these beaches might have looked like before development. 

Pros: The tall dunes and elephant grass shield you from the hustle and bustle of the Marina.  There are restrooms and foot showers.

Cons:  You can't swim here - or if you do it is at your own peril.  There isn't a life guard and there are signs warning of a fierce riptide.  The parking is limited.  This could also be a Pro, because it limits the number of people (for the privacy-mongers amongst us).

Directions:   From the 101 take the Seaward exit and turn towards the ocean.  Turn left onto Harbor Blvd and follow this road as it curves around the edge the Marina.  When you get to Spinnaker Drive (the main entrance to the Marina) turn right. Drive until you reach the end of Spinnaker.  The parking lot for the beach is on the left.