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This wonderful little park is tucked up the hill behind the Albinger Archeology Museum.  We almost passed it by for this directory but we decided to track it down on a whim.  We're very glad that we did.

You actually have to go up a flight of stairs to get to the park.  The wonderful landscaping and great views are just an appetizer.  The really interesting part about this park is the antique mission-era water filtration building that is absolutely wonderful.  The brick is exposed through the remnants of adobe and there's just something about it that is very charming.

If you have business in Ventura and wanted a place eat your sandwich or walk off lunch, this park is a wonderful, unique place to do it.  You will also like the view from the top of this park.

Take the 101 to Main Street and follow the signs to the Mission.  The Albinger Archeology Museum is two doors down from the Mission.  To the left as you're facing the museum you will see a large sign for Valdez Alley.  Follow the alley to the end and walk up the flight of stairs.  You won't be disappointed.