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Vital Statistics - Okay - so where is Ventura?  How many people live here?  What do they do for a living?  What do they do for fun?  Is this a safe city? Those questions and more are answered behind this door! 
Ventura History - One of the oldest cities in California, Ventura is fortunate to be influenced by Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Chumash and American cultures. Built around the Mission, the city then grew large based on the the richness of the land.
Non-Profit Showcase - Communities need the people who care, who go the extra mile to make them more than just busy streets.  Ventura has a number of organizations who make a real difference in the quality of our lives.
The Arts - Don't make the mistake of thinking Ventura is just another pretty beach town.  The arts are alive and well and draw quite a crowd.  From painting to pottery to dance to theatre, Ventura offers 
Main Street - The heart of downtown, Main Street is a unique and evolving place.  There is trendy and tradition rubbing shoulders.  Restaurants, local boutiques, and the numerous (and popular) antiques shops are welcoming the upscale and artistic.  A definite must to check out.
Seaward Avenue Beach District - Quintessential Southern California, this area wins kudos for quaint.  There are also some good restaurants amidst the sand.
The Marina - Start with some salt water and a few boats and mix liberally in with some shops and restaurants.  Dash in a carousel, a Channel Islands Visitors Center and some seriously great beaches.  Do you have a mishmash?  Not at all. You have one of the most popular places to go - The Marina and Harbor Village!  Another must-see.
GPS Coordinates - Each year, the use of hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers become more common place as location-finding tool. Here we provide you a table of latitude / longitude GPS coordinates of selected Ventura County destinations.