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Each year, the use of hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers becomes more common place. With a GPS receiver, you can instantly know the latitude and longitude coordinates of your current location. It can tell you how fast you are moving, how high you are above sea level and where to turn to get to another known location.

Listed below are selected GPS coordinates throughout Ventura County.


Location Description Latitude
nn° nn' nn"
nnn° nn' nn"
Albinger Archeological Museum building 341651N 1191752W
Apostolic House of Worship church 341650N 1191712W
Arroyo Mobile Home Park populated place 342224N 1191822W
Arundell Barranca valley 341511N 1191609W
Avenue Community Church church 341729N 1191749W
Avenue Library building 341727N 1191750W
Avenue School school 341827N 1191733W
Ayers Creek stream 342219N 1192045W
Ayers Creek Arm bay 342220N 1192046W
Babe Ruth Field park 341632N 1191754W
Bard Sanitarium hospital 341650N 1191507W
Bethel Baptist Church church 341733N 1191746W
Blanche Reynolds Elementary School school 341554N 1191509W
Borchard Shopping Center locale 341618N 1191530W
Cabrillo Middle School school 341643N 1191642W
California State University Northridge - Ventura County school 341607N 1191611W
California Street Mall Shopping Center locale 341636N 1191732W
Calvary Assembly of God Church church 341622N 1191605W
Calvary Full Gospel Chapel (historical) church 341622N 1191605W
Caņada De San Miguelito civil 341930N 1191933W
Caņada Del Aliso valley 342053N 1191529W
Canada Larga o Verde civil 342108N 1191613W
Casitas Mobile Home Park populated place 342216N 1191818W
Casitas Springs populated place 342217N 1191820W
Casitas Springs Community Center building 342157N 1191828W
Chrisman populated place 341752N 1191804W
Church of Christ church 341634N 1191610W
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (historical) church 341619N 1191601W
City of Ventura Filtration Plant locale 342038N 1191740W
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport airport 341629N 1191525W
Community Presbyterian Church church 341654N 1191633W
Coyote Creek stream 342115N 1191835W
De Anza Middle School school 341803N 1191725W
Diablo, Caņada Del valley 341807N 1191810W
Dulah populated place 341845N 1192132W
E P Foster Elementary School school 341746N 1191744W
E P Foster Library building 341654N 1191724W
East Fork Hall Canyon valley 341820N 1191515W
Eastwood Park park 341658N 1191753W
Ecumenical Ministry of Unity church 341653N 1191800W
Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hospital hospital 341657N 1191721W
Emma Wood State Beach park 341707N 1191929W
Encinas, Caņada De Las valley 341928N 1191720W
Faith Baptist Church church 341650N 1191711W
Father Serra Cross pillar 341704N 1191743W
Figueroa Street Mall Shopping Center locale 341649N 1191743W
Fire Station Number 1 building 341617N 1191749W
First Baptist Church church 342201N 1191817W
First Church of Christ Scientist church 341650N 1191720W
First Church of the Nazarene church 341619N 1191559W
First Lutheran Church church 341644N 1191635W
First Pentecostal Church of God church 341659N 1191801W
First United Methodist Church church 341646N 1191645W
Foster Memorial Hospital hospital 341630N 1191526W
Foster Park park 342110N 1191839W
Foster Park populated place 342110N 1191815W
Fresno Canyon valley 342150N 1191824W
Gosnell Hill bench 341838N 1191728W
Grace Baptist Church church 341644N 1191631W
Grant Memorial Park park 341709N 1191733W
Hall Canyon valley 341651N 1191527W
Harry A Lyon Park park 341800N 1191720W
Henning School school 341643N 1191755W
Horizon Foursquare Church church 341647N 1191711W
Iglesia Apostolica church 341732N 1191746W
KCAQ-FM (Oxnard) tower 342053N 1192007W
KDAR-FM (Oxnard) tower 341747N 1191621W
KHAY-FM (Ventura) tower 342055N 1191957W
KKUR-FM (Ojai) tower 342057N 1192007W
KZTR-FM (Camarillo) tower 341744N 1191621W
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses church 341710N 1191750W
La Loma del Cruz summit 341706N 1191742W
Lake Casitas reservoir 342218N 1192002W
Larga, Caņada valley 342014N 1191734W
Lemon locale 341543N 1191517W
Leon Canyon valley 342125N 1191506W
Lillian Smolt Memorial Library building 341638N 1191503W
Lincoln Elementary School school 341647N 1191656W
Manuel Canyon valley 341954N 1191725W
Marina Park park 341513N 1191603W
Marina Village Shopping Center locale 341548N 1191609W
Memorial Cemetery cemetery 341652N 1191644W
Metropolitan Community Church church 341642N 1191608W
Mill School school 342018N 1191738W
Mission Plaza Shopping Center locale 341656N 1191804W
Mission San Buenaventura church 341654N 1191750W
Ocean Avenue Park park 341629N 1191636W
Olivet Baptist Church church 341645N 1191808W
Ortega Adobe building 341655N 1191812W
Ortonville populated place 341917N 1191726W
Our Lady of Assumption School school 341622N 1191510W
Our Lady of the Assumption Church church 341622N 1191506W
Out Door Gospel Church church 341737N 1191747W
Pentecostal Church of God church 341619N 1191601W
Pierpont Bay bay 341608N 1191717W
Pierpont Bay populated place 341535N 1191606W
Pierpont Elementary School school 341533N 1191610W
Plaza Park park 341643N 1191723W
Plaza Shopping Center locale 341620N 1191522W
Prince Barranca valley 341638N 1191557W
Promenade Park park 341635N 1191745W
Red Mountain summit 342052N 1192036W
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church 341648N 1191616W
Reynolds Park park 341555N 1191504W
Rodrigues, Caņada De valley 341959N 1191751W
Saint Bonaventure High School school 341626N 1191506W
Saint Pauls Episcopal Church church 341633N 1191503W
Saint Pauls School school 341632N 1191504W
San Buenaventura State Beach park 341603N 1191640W
San Joaquin, Caņada De valley 341830N 1191749W
San Miguel Arcangel Chapel church 341641N 1191750W
San Miguel Chapel (historical) church 341650N 1191749W
Sanlon Barranca valley 341649N 1191640W
Seaside Park park 341630N 1191810W
Seaside Wilderness Park park 341648N 1191850W
Seca, Caņada valley 342040N 1191542W
Sheridan Way Elementary School school 341722N 1191814W
Southern Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) church 341652N 1191722W
Southern Pacific Station locale 341635N 1191705W
Surfers Point Park park 341628N 1191748W
Surfing Museum building 341641N 1191759W
Taylor Number 2 763-003 Dam dam 341936N 1191818W
The Livery Arts Center building 341657N 1191734W
Ventura populated place 341642N 1191732W
Ventura Chamber of Commerce building 341601N 1191604W
Ventura City Beach beach 341545N 1191616W
Ventura City Hall building 341657N 1191732W
Ventura Concert Theater building 341650N 1191725W
Ventura County Church of Religious Science church 341645N 1191706W
Ventura County Courthouse building 341657N 1191732W
Ventura County Fairgrounds park 341630N 1191810W
Ventura County Historical Museum building 341649N 1191753W
Ventura County Pioneer Museum building 341657N 1191732W
Ventura First Church of Christ church 341750N 1191704W
Ventura High School school 341642N 1191558W
Ventura Junior College school 341642N 1191559W
Ventura Keys harbor 341523N 1191547W
Ventura Medical Center hospital 341638N 1191503W
Ventura Missionary Church church 341652N 1191658W
Ventura Pier locale 341624N 1191728W
Ventura Post Office post office 341647N 1191722W
Ventura River stream 341632N 1191825W
Ventura School for Girls school 341826N 1191656W
Ventura Visitors Bureau building 341647N 1191733W
Wadstrom populated place 341858N 1191726W
Washington School school 341642N 1191629W
Weldon Canyon valley 342041N 1191734W
Weldons populated place 342042N 1191746W
West Park Playground park 341718N 1191817W
Will Rogers School school 341619N 1191543W