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Eggs N Things

4020 E Main, Ventura
Phone: 805-642-3190
Cuisine: American

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Reviews by the General Public

not happy with last visit
The food is great and the service is pretty fast. The asmosphere is upringing and fun. We've been dining pretty often and we drive down from Santa Barbara evey Sunday. The only problem we've ever had is arriving ready to be seated and have the manager ask the host if our party was all here, which we were just waiting for my mom to park the car. So I didn't see a problem of us being seated while waiting for my mom. We could have been drinking coffee and looking at the menus to make everything go a little more faster for the waitress. The whole consept of this situation is that other were seated before us and their party wasn't complete. It would be helpful to have a sign posted on the door and the host desk " whole party needs to be here in order to be seated" or something similar.

THEE best!
Reviewer: Taylor from Newbury Park, CA
I love this restaurant! I love going there for breakfast. Anything I've had there has always been really good! I love the Sweedish Pancakes, and the biscuits! Also, the people who work there are really nice. The only problem with the service is- it's always so crowded! And I don't like having to wake up early just to go there. I know it's not their fault they're so popular, but maybe they should make it bigger or something (I know they have more, but they should make the actual restaurant have more tables and etc.), more employees too if it was bigger. I love the food!!!

Reviewer: Cori from Ventura, CA
I love to go to this place for breakfast on a Sunday morning. There is awesome service and amazing food. Simply yummy!

great service!

I think this place is the best in town! The service is fast and the people who work there are really nice. The food is at a great price and the food portions are big!

OK, but not great

We´ve only gone for breakfast a few times, and were a bit disappointed. The food is fine, and the service has been OK, but I guess we expected the food to be much more special. It´s as good as any of the bigger chain restaurants (for breakfast, anyway), but because it´s not a true chain--I know they have other locations, but not like an IHOP or other big chains--we thought it would be more unique. The Swedish pancake that seems to come with everything is unique, but other than that, it seems like any other place. Some dishes are better than others; the pancakes are good, but don´t bother with the huevos rancheros--they´re mediocre. However, based on the huge crowds we´ve seen waiting, especially on weekends, it´s obvious that most people do think it´s special. But as stated above, we do think it´s OK, the prices are reasonable, and the service is pleasant. For a more unique breakfast experience, try Allison´s Country Cafe on Telegraph Rd. Their food is more homemade tasting and the selection is great.

Have you eaten here? Write a review of this restaurant!


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