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Pepe's Mexican Food

200 Rossmore Dr, Oxnard
Phone: 805-985-2880
Cuisine: Mexican

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Reviews by the General Public

Missing Pepe's badly
Reviewer: Bert Viloria from Germantown, MD
After growing up in the Oxnard area, and living, for a while near Oxnard Shores, we moved to Maryland 5 years ago. The first place that I terribly missed was Pepe's. We used to go there with just my wife and we would have a blast just getting quick and good burritos for a pittance...With my son, it was also the same story...After we moved, finding good mexican food out here is a challenge...Northeast mexican food sucks big time...Pepe's is the only way to go...Whenever we come to visit, we always make that 'pilgrimage' to that food place near the water...Eating tacos and burritos next to the water...Our slice of heaven :)

Great Food
Reviewer: Joshua McCarty from Newhall, CA
Just had Pepe's for the first time. It was awsome and like everyone else said it is so cheap. The nacho's are amazing.

Pepe's has been know to solve life's problems!
Reviewer: Jack from Oxnard, CA.
When dinner depression sets-in and my wife & I can't decide what to make for dinner, we get take out from Pepe's. It's a classic "hole in the wall" oversized food stand that serves up, among other offerings, awesomely large tacos, belly-stretching burritos, and a platter of nachos to feed a football team (or just me). A $10 bill thoroughly feeds 2 carnivores with green money to spare...

Omaha transplant raised on the Strand
Reviewer: Chris J. from Omaha, NE
I grew up on Silverstrand Beach in Oxnard; as a young, hearty skate-punk/surf-rat, I ate Pepe's nearly every day of my adolescense. Awsome Food! (especially when youre stoned on that good Oxnard weed) I moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 1992 and just recently came back to visit my Father in Santa Barbara; I HAD to stop in Oxnard for Pepe's. STILL WONDERFUL 15 YEARS LATER!!! They even remembered me as the kid who used to pull the old "I'll pay you tomorrow for a burrito today" deal. I always paid them their $2.75 the following day. God Bless this place and the great energy that surrounds it.

Pepe's is the BEST!!!
Reviewer: dewey baker from S. Dennis, Ma
I haven't been back to California since I retired....The only place I remember is Pepe's.... we used to get burritos from Pepe's at least once a week...I wish I could convince Pepe to move his operation to Cape Cod.

MMMmmm MMMmmm good
Reviewer: Misty from Ventura,CA
I eat here when ever I am in Oxnard by the beach, its right up there with Corrales and Lalo's in ventura, Yummy!

hmm hmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Reviewer: Taylor from Newbury Park, CA
I think that pepes is the best in the whole world. For me growing up in a Mexicano family and culture i think Pepe's is as close as your gunna get. The prices are defianlty reasonable.I am poor and still can afford it everynight. ES DELISIOSO!!!!!

Pepe's...The way Mexican Food should be!
Reviewer: Brandie from Groton, CT
What I like best about this place is that it's still alive and making the best Mexican Food! The location is perfect...who doesn't want to see the beach while they eat and have fresh ocean air to breath!?! I tried Pepe's for the first time when I was twelve. I never went a week without Pepe's until now. Unfortunately, I have moved to Connecticut with my Husband and I spend many days calling my mother who lives on Shores asking her if she has thought up a way to get me a FAT burrito sent here. No luck yet! It's the first place I eat when I'm in town! Til' then, I'll just sport my Hoodie!

It´s THE best!!!
Reviewer: Dallas from Ventura, CA
I left Ventura County for 6 years and the only resturant I missed was Pepe´s!!! I LOVE the shredded beef burritos!!! AWESOME!! Ya gotta LOVE Pepe´s!! WE do!!!

it was just okay, we thought.

The place is always busy, but we can´t see why? The food is just okay, not great, and certainly not the best ... It might have been good at one time, like "Johnny´s"(on the Avenue in Ventura) WAS in the past, before they changed the way they used their seasonings ... and now everything there has no taste ...

The best Mexican Food by the Beach!!!
Reviewer: Molly
I grew up on Silver Strand Beach...and Pepe´s is one of the best Mexican resturants. They are nice and service is good, and you can walk to the beach and eat your burrito or take it to go. Also reasonable prices.

Have you eaten here? Write a review of this restaurant!


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